Drawer Air Fryers vs Clamshell Air Fryers


drawer air fryer

Drawer-type air fryers are the most mainstream and common air fryers, so the price is often relatively low and the cost performance is relatively high.

1. It is easy to pull and operate;
2. Better heat insulation;
3. The price is cheap.

The disadvantage is that both the heating pipe and the fan are in the upper part of the air fryer, and the hot air circulates from the upper part to the lower part and then back and forth. And the grease is easy to stay above the heating tube, the basket is easy to clean, and the baking tube on the upper part of the air fryer is not very clean.

This kind of use is a black box. Unlike the visualization, you can see the cooking situation at any time and adjust it at any time. This is more suitable for advanced players or players who are looking for cost-effectiveness. For novice players, choose the lid type.

Clamshell Air Fryer

This visual glass cover makes it easy to check the cooking progress of the food at any time, and the cooking temperature can be adjusted at any time. Top-lift design, the fan is generally designed on the top of the lid, and the mesh can block oil stains, which is convenient for daily cleaning. But air fryers of this shape are relatively inexpensive.

1. Visualization, we can see the cooking process and better judge the end time;
2. Some heating parts also have a fan at the bottom, and the hot air goes up from the bottom, the heating effect will be better, and it will be cleaner.

The disadvantage is that you need to pay attention to heat insulation, and the price will be more expensive. If there are no special needs, the drawer type is enough.

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