How Does An Air Fryer Work?


Many people have an air fryer at home because it provides quick and healthy meals. We love the speed at which we get our food, but not many people spend the time studying how machines handle food.

If you're going to understand why your food cooks so well, you have to know how it works. Let us dive into the details and help you solve this problem;

Before continuing, keep in mind that the bowls you use on your air fryer always open at the top and are perfect for space. 

Air fryers use electricity to heat food; electricity is passed through a heating element on top of the heater, causing it to radiate heat at a close range directly above the food. 

The heating element is close to the food and the container is open; therefore, the heat penetrates the food and cooks even under the surface. 

Above the heater, there is a large fan above the heating element that will start running when you turn on the fryer.

This large fan pulls air up from the cooking chamber, creating a strong vertical airflow. 

The air passes through the heater, where it gets a lot of heat; the fan then pushes the hot air out to the sides of the cooking chamber.

The entire system has features that prevent air or heat loss throughout the process, so most of it goes into your food.

At the bottom, there is a unique starfish-shaped air guide system that distributes heat evenly throughout the chamber.

The guide also directs the air vertically back into the food. Food in the room will also help distribute the heat over it. 

Only the bottom of the basket is open to the air; this design forces air across the surface of the food; thus, it heats the food.

The system ensures that air gets between your food; so even if you fill the basket, the heat will reach all parts of the food. This design results in radiation from the top and convective heat from the bottom.

Cooking all sides at the same time eliminates the need to flip foods because they get similar amounts of heat at any given time.

This system will mimic a deep fryer and provide similar results, but you won't have to use as much oil or grease to get the final product. 

Air fryers keep most of the air inside to cook food, but rising temperatures can also increase the pressure inside the fryer.

If the fryer doesn't release excess pressure, it will eventually explode, so it has an exhaust system to prevent that. 

The air fryer has a vent on the top that releases a small amount of air to reduce the pressure; thus, steam and smoke come out.

The exhaust system has a filter to clean the smoke and steam so it won't hurt you. It is always safe to use an air fryer in the right conditions and in an open space.

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