How The Chef Machine Works


The Chef Machine is mainly used in the field of Chinese and Western pastry, a multi-functional kitchen appliance that can knead the dough, beat eggs, and stir. The belt drives the gear to transmit the stirring force, which has the advantages of saving time and effort and being convenient and quick.

The kitchen machines sold on the market are mainly driven by belts to drive gears to transmit stirring force; the body materials are metal and plastic, and the metal materials include cast aluminum body and aluminum alloy material, and the plastic body is usually ABS engineering plastic. In some fuselage materials, glass fiber is also added to enhance the toughness and durability of the machine.

working principle:

After the motor in the main machine is powered on, it drives the gear to rotate, and connects the corresponding accessories, such as a stirring cup, a noodle press, a noodle cutter, etc., to start the corresponding function. The kitchen machine can also be equipped with various accessories to realize the functions of making noodles, macaroni, juicing, mincing meat, enema, and cutting vegetables.

basic skills:

Knead the dough, beat eggs, stir. Generally, for Chinese and Western pastries, especially Western pastries, the production of bread requires kneading the dough out of the film, so that the bread produced will have a good taste. Instead, kneading the dough manually has great drawbacks, it is labor-intensive and time-consuming. In summer, it is easy for the dough to be fermented before it emerges from the film. The probability of failure is relatively high, and it is a waste of ingredients. The advantages of the kitchen machine: saving time and effort, convenient and fast, even non-professional baking novice can make delicious bread.

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