How To Choose An Air Fryer?


The air fryer uses the top baking device of the machine to quickly heat the air, and forms a circulating air heat flow in a closed space to quickly cook the ingredients while taking away some moisture on the surface of the ingredients, so as to achieve a crispy texture that is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. . If you want to buy an air fryer but don't know how to choose? Then let's take a look together!

1. When choosing a kitchen appliance, the first thing you should look at is its safety. When buying a fryer, you must buy products that have passed the national safety certification. Only products that have passed 3C certification and ISO9002 international quality certification can be guaranteed in terms of quality and after-sales. It is best to choose the products of the national joint insurance. With the national joint insurance, unnecessary troubles such as future maintenance can be avoided.

2. When buying in a physical store, it is best to actually test whether the performance and key parts of the air fryer are normal. For example, whether the timer and temperature control regulator can work normally, whether the push-pull of the fryer is stuck, etc., and also check whether the coating of the frying basket has fallen off. If you are shopping online, you should choose a reputable merchant and a merchant who has signed a consumer protection agreement.

3. Appearance is also very important when choosing. It is best that the appearance color can be matched with other household appliances in the kitchen. Whether the instructions and accessories are detailed and complete, these small places often reflect the quality of the product.

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