How To Use The Air Fryer And Precautions


Is the air fryer "frying" food with air? In fact, the air fryer is an Oil Free Fryer, which can fry food without oil, making it easy to enjoy healthy and delicious food. Many friends do not know how to use the air fryer. Today, I will introduce the usage and precautions of the air fryer for reference.

The operation of the air fryer is very simple. The air fryer is powered on and preheated for a few minutes, and then put what we want to do in the time. If it is a big thing, you can take it out and turn it over after a few minutes. The food that needs to be put out can be taken out and then fried. It tastes more delicious than fried food, and it tastes fresh and not greasy.

Air fryers use high-speed air circulation technology to make delicious French fries with 80% less fat than traditional electric fryers. The unique combination of fast circulating hot air and oven components provides a quick and easy way to fry a variety of delicious food snacks, seafood, meats, and more. Because only air frying is used, it produces less odor and steam than conventional frying and is easy to clean for everyday use, making it both safe and economical. Its production process is quite fast. If a regular fryer takes twenty minutes, it does the same job in a third of the time.

1. Thoroughly clean the basket and frying pan with hot water, detergent, and a non-abrasive sponge, and wipe the inside and outside of the product with a damp cloth.

2. Place the product on a stable, level, and flat surface. Place the basket correctly in the frying pan. Insert the plug into a grounded electrical outlet.

3. Carefully pull the frying pan out of the air fryer. Put the ingredients into the frying basket. Slide the frying pan back into the air fryer.

4. Gently tap the touch button to start the delicious cooking journey.

5. Some ingredients need to be flipped in the middle of the cooking process. To flip the ingredients, please hold the handle and pull the frying pan out of the product, and then flip it again. Then slide the frying pan back into the air fryer.

6. When you hear the timer ringing, it means that the cooking time is reached. Pull the frying pan out of the product and place it on a heat-resistant surface.

7. Check whether the ingredients have been cooked. To pour smaller ingredients, press the basket release button and lift the basket out of the frying pan. Pour all the ingredients in the fry basket into a bowl or plate.

8. The product should be cleaned immediately after each use.

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