How Does An Air Fryer Use Air To Fry Food?


The common frying pan that has been passed down from ancient times to the present needs to put a large amount of oil into the pot when frying food, immerse the food in hot oil and fry it until golden on both sides, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. And all of this is done under the premise that the chef has great control over the time, otherwise the fried food is very likely to be undercooked or fried.

Until a few years ago, there was a product on the market called an "air fryer". An air fryer, literally, is a machine that uses air to "fry". The general structure of the air fryer consists of a high-power fan at the top, an annular heating tube and a frying basket for food. An air fryer looks like a cylindrical object with a handle on the back, and a drawer with a handle in front of the object. The whole air fryer looks like a box with drawers.

So how does an air fryer use air to fry food?

Air fryers mainly use hot air convection system, that is, high-speed air circulation technology. It uses a heat pipe inside to generate hot air, and then a fan is used to blow the hot air to every corner of the fryer, allowing the hot air to circulate quickly in the sealed space, accelerating the cooking of the food. The air fryer can "fry" without oil because it can use the oil of the food itself to act as a medium to dehydrate the food, and the surface becomes crispy and golden, achieving an effect similar to frying.

So which is better, an air fryer or a regular fryer?

Compared with ordinary fryers in terms of performance, such advanced products of air fryers can only be said to have their own advantages and disadvantages. The air fryer has its high-speed air circulation technology, which can make food with 80% lower fat content than ordinary fryers; while the air fryer is much louder than ordinary fryers when running, the air fryer is like a blower running at full speed. , without sound is impossible.

An air fryer can create delicious food just like a regular fryer.

The air fryer can fry many different kinds of ingredients. Users can buy quick-frozen fried products, such as fried chicken nuggets, quick-frozen french fries, etc. When they want to eat, they only need to take them out and put them in the air fryer for a good time. Delicious comes.

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