How To Solve The Problem That The Dough Mixer Only Turns But Does Not Ring?


The dough kneading machine is mainly suitable for the processing of various noodle products. According to the characteristics of the wheat flour used in noodle products, different blade forms can be selected to achieve different noodle kneading effects. The plate-type paddle vacuum noodle kneading machine simulates the principle of manual noodle kneading in a vacuum state, so that the gluten network is quickly formed, the protein structure is balanced, and the gluten, bite, and tension of the noodle are far superior to other forms of noodle kneading. The mixing effect of the machine.

Why does the dough mixer only ring but not turn?

When the kneading machine is running, it suddenly stops for maintenance. This kind of situation is usually due to the overload of the kneading machine. The fuse is blown, and some materials in the dough mixer do not move. There is only one reason for this failure, that is, too little dough or the stirring speed slows down significantly after the dough mixer is fed. The general cause of this failure is that the belt is too loose.

Correct use of dough mixer and dough method:

1. Before starting to use the noodle machine, you must check whether the circuit is safe. You can start it and use it after confirming that there is no problem. After fixing the power supply, I saw that the dough mixer was running normally.

2. Put the prepared flour and water and other required materials into the box, start the machine at low speed to fully mix the flour and water, and then start at high speed. Directly start high-speed flour will fly outward. Generally, the mixing time at low speed is 3 minutes, and the mixing time at high speed is 6 minutes. During the period, pay attention to the time of reversing for too long. After the tipping bucket is tilted in place, use a knife to cut off the dough. No matter whether it is reversing or forwarding, do not put your hands into the box.

The ratio of water to flour is generally 55-60 when kneading dough. According to flour with different gluten (different draft), different processes, and different product varieties, the amount of water added can be controlled by yourself. When kneading dough, if the dough is hard or the amount added is large, reduce the kneading amount.

The noodles processed by the dough mixer have a smooth taste, high transparency and good elasticity. The vacuum dough mixer is easy to operate and is suitable for various production requirements. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, which meets the current relevant food hygiene standards.

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