Mini Air Fryers Are More Convenient Than Regular Fryers


Compared with the conventional air fryer, the mini air fryer occupies less than an A4 sheet of paper, and it is easy to store and use. Small capacity is more evenly heated, and the operation is more convenient and quick. And, because you don't have to refuel, it tastes guilt-free at all!

The air fryer mainly uses a heating device to quickly heat the air in the fuselage and uses heat convection and a bottom fan to allow the hot air to rise to the top to gather and then sink to form a thermal cycle. At the same time, the hot air takes away the moisture generated by the heating of the ingredients in the frying basket, so that the surface of the food becomes very crispy.

Many cooking enthusiasts often use the air fryer, not only because it is hygienic and healthy, but also because it is easy to operate and has a high success rate.

Just put the pre-processed ingredients into the frying basket, select the temperature and time, and automatically stop heating when finished.

It can be said that even if you usually "fry the kitchen", you will never fail to use it. If it is difficult to start for a while, it is ok to follow the attached recipe.

Since it's so small, you can even serve it right on the table and eat it while frying. More suitable for small families. Paired with cold beer and Coke, hey, it really feels like eating meat at a barbecue restaurant!

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