Safe Operating Procedures For Noodle Presses And Noodle Mixers


1. Safety operation rules of noodle machine

1. Before using the noodle press, deal with the rolling wheels and various accessories in case of a power failure as needed.

After installation and adjustment, it can be operated only when it is confirmed that it is correct and firm.

2. During the noodle pressing operation, it is strictly forbidden to touch the roller with fingers, and it is not allowed to send and press the noodles and buckle the shaft wheel by hand during operation.

3. It is strictly forbidden to place pressure rods, rollers, etc. on the pallet to prevent them from falling and hurting the feet or others.

4. Cut off the power supply after use, and clean the pressing wheel and other detachable parts separately. It is strictly forbidden to wash live equipment with water.

2. How to use

1. Sheet rolling process: First mix the prepared water and noodles at a ratio of 0.28:1 or 0.3:1h, and then adjust the two rollers to a smaller gap. (Adjusting the knob to rotate a circle to advance 1.75mm), when the roller is running, put the wet flour from the noodle bucket into the gap between the two rollers, so that the unevenly mixed particles will be flattened, and the second is to increase the gap and roll it into a dough sheet, the dough pieces in front of the seven strips are reflected in 3-5 mm, roll them up with a rolling roll, and place them on the noodle stick holder.

2. Slitting process: Push the noodle-cutting wire knife of the size to be cut into the wire knife edge, so that the wire knife transmission gear is expected to be in contact with the internal gear, turn the pulley by hand or turn the shaft head with a wrench, and push it inward when rotating clockwise When the wire knife and roll can rotate, it proves that the gears mesh well. Adjust the rolling stick to no gap, and then return the knob for about 0.7-1 turn, which means that the thickness of the strip is 1.5 mm, and the strip-cutting work can be carried out at this time. The end of the noodle piece placed on the noodle bucket support is led into the gap between the two rotating rollers by hand, and after rolling again, it automatically enters the wire knife, and the noodle is cut out and hangs down into the tray. When it is found that the end of the sheet is bent and cannot be inserted into the thread knife, the living room machine will remove the elbow (the elbow is generally caused by hard or too thick noodles), and the operator should pull out and disconnect the cut noodles in time. Put it into other utensils. When replacing the wire cutter, first disconnect the power supply of the main machine and use a wrench to turn the pulley shaft head counterclockwise, and the wire cutter can be pulled out. After use, remove the wrench.

How to use the dough mixer and safe operating procedures

1. Safety operation rules for dough mixer

       1. Before starting the dough mixer, check the equipment condition and circuit condition carefully and start the machine after confirming that it is correct.

       2. The reversing time of the dough mixer should not be too long. After the tipping bucket is tilted in place, the dough should be cut with a knife, and the hand must leave the box when it is reversing.

       3. The operator of the dough mixing machine cannot put his hands into the box bucket during the operation of the machine.

       4. The operator of the dough mixer should add lubricating oil to the oil injection hole every day; insist on cleaning every day, keep the dough mixer clean, and replace the oil every three months.

       5. Each dough-kneading machine should be managed by a special person. When repairing or cleaning the remaining dough after kneading, you should first check whether the power is cut off before proceeding to the next step.

       6. If the equipment is found to be operating abnormally, the power should be turned off immediately and the maintenance department should be notified for maintenance.

2. Instructions for use:

1. Turn on the power and make sure that there is no abnormal operation before proceeding to the next step.

2. Pour the flour to be mixed, water, and additives into the noodle hopper one after another, cover the lid, and turn the handle of the Shun switch on "Shun", and the agitator starts to rotate forward.

3. Generally, it runs continuously for 6-10 minutes, the dough is reconciled, stop the machine (turn the handle on "stop"), then pull the handle of the tipping bucket, turn the bucket upside down, reset the handle, and the block is stressed. After the bucket is fixed, pull and Move the "smooth" or "inverted" switch, and the dough will be thrown out.

4. If there is any surplus, cut off the dough with a knife after the machine stops, and then turn the "smooth" or "inverted" switch, and the dough will be thrown out.

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