The Structure Of The Dough Mixer Is Unique


The dough kneading machine adopts a unique model structure, the seals and bearings are easy to replace, and the kneading process is smooth and silent, so that the protein in the flour can fully absorb water in the shortest time, forming the best gluten network, and the dough surface is smooth and beautiful , so that the toughness and bite strength of the dough reach the best state.

The main function of the dough mixer

Kneading dough: mixing flour is adding water and other ingredients to the flour, and stirring for a certain period of time, so that glutenin and glutenin gradually absorb water and swell, stick to each other, and form a continuous film-like matrix that crosses and combines with each other to form a three-dimensional shape. The gluten network structure with extensibility, constant elasticity, viscosity, and plasticity makes it possible to be further utilized by people, such as making noodles, dumplings, bread, and cakes.

Resting noodles: Resting noodles refers to resting the reconciled noodles for a period of time before further processing or cooking. This process is called awakening noodles. The process of waking up noodles makes the reconciled noodles easier to process, and the noodles made are chewy and soft, and the taste is more delicate and smooth.

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