Is An Air Fryer Really A No-Fat Fryer?


What's wrong with the airless fryer without power?
Check whether there is an open circuit in the power supply voltage, whether there is a bad contact of the switch, and whether there is an open circuit inside the air-free fryer.

Is an air fryer really a no-fat fryer?
Air fryers don't use oil. It depends on whether the thing itself has oil. For example, you don’t need oil to fry chicken legs and chicken wings, and you need French fries. I use Can Kuen’s air fryer.

Want to buy an air fryer What is the usage rate of the air fryer? Can complex food be made?
Anyone with an oven at home should know this. Regardless of whether it is a large or small size, it must be preheated with an airplane before cooking. The preheating time is about 10-30 minutes. If the time is too short, the food will be cooked slowly. If the time is too long, the life of the oven will be short, so cooking is not troublesome. The pump is a relatively silly operation. If you put in the prepared food, usually the meat for 2 people can be opened in 20 minutes, which is suitable for the current fast food eating method, which does not take up space and saves space. The smallest home oven is also. The things used by the family are generally about 25 liters, which are large in size and not light in weight. Very nice venue. Especially in the small kitchen itself, the fryer is better. The size is equivalent to a rice cooker, it can be stored after use, and it is easy to move.

The principle of the fryer is to use high-temperature hot air to squeeze out the fat and moisture of the food itself. Compared with fried food, it can effectively avoid eating too much fat. There are many foods that can be cooked in a deep fryer. French Fries, Chicken Wings, Roast Chicken, Rib Roast Beef, Chicken Nuggets, and more! Due to the use of the principle of air convection heating, merchants have always praised "less frying" and "no frying". Therefore, as soon as the air fryer was launched, it naturally caught the hearts of many cooks and women. In fact, the so-called deep fryer is not a new thing.

Essentially like a small oven with high-speed, hot-air convection, it will strip moisture from the surface of the food and mimic the texture of a deep fryer, but don't expect it to completely replace the deep fryer. Of course, compared with traditional household ovens, its advantages are also very obvious: the fryer does not need to be preheated and has high heating efficiency. If the oven at home is of average size, the heat machine needs to be heated for 30 minutes. Although it seems that it is not very popular for fasting meals, but with the air fryer, there is no such trouble at all, just put the food directly. Hands, shortening, usually more than 10 minutes to complete the cooking.

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