Stand Mixers And Hand Mixers


Both stand mixers and hand mixers are mixing tools. Specifically, hand mixers are more suitable for mixing less volume and shorter time. A stand mixer is suitable when you are mixing flours for a long time and for a long time.

The advantage of a hand-held is that it is easier to clean, convenient, and fast. The advantage of a stand mixer is that it can do a large amount of mixing for a long time. But in practice, it is more convenient to use a mixture of the two.

How to use the vertical mixer

There are many attachments for stand mixers, but these three are the most frequently used.

1. The paddle attachment does not mix too much air into the ingredients and is most commonly used to mix butter and sugar and to make cookie and cake batters.

2. The egg beater can mix more air and is often used to beat egg whites or whipped cream

3. The dough hook is used to knead the dough. Mix the flour, water, milk, sugar, and yeast together and give it to him.

How to use the hand-held stirring attachment

This is an accessory for the hand blender, which is actually a miniature version of the vertical! The usage is basically the same as the vertical one.

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