What Is The Difference Between An Air Fryer And An Oven


With the improvement of people's quality of life, people's diet has also undergone earth-shaking changes. It is not just to solve the problem of food and clothing in the past, but the pursuit of food is more diversified and refined. Now that air fryers and ovens are gaining popularity, what's the difference? How should I choose?

works differently

The oven mainly uses the radiant heat emitted by the electric heating element to bake food. The mainstream oven is generally configured with up and down heating + hot air, which can be used for barbecue, pizza, cake, biscuits, and other delicacies.

In principle, an air fryer oven is similar to an oven in that it uses heat radiation to cook the food. However, the air fryer oven uses high-speed air circulation technology to raise the temperature quickly and the temperature is concentrated, which can make the heat penetrate the food quickly and cook more efficiently.

different capacity

The air fryer oven can be said to be an upgraded version of the air fryer, a smaller version of the oven; the capacity is less than 20 liters, and the upper and lower heating tubes are used to bake pizza, chiffon cake, pizza, and other delicacies. Do, just a little less. The machine does not take up too much kitchen space, whether it is a cabinet or a countertop, it can be placed for convenient storage.

cooking efficiently

Due to the small capacity of the air fryer oven and the primer function, the inner cavity heats up quickly. You only need to adjust the seasoning for the chicken wings in the cooking plate, and then put them into the baking pan, and you can easily serve them in a few minutes. It is a very good choice for relatives and friends to come to visit the tooth festival.

Healthy and less oil

Cooked food tastes different. The oven can bake a charred smell. When baking food, the surface should be brushed with a layer of oil, otherwise, it will be easily burnt and burnt; if the air fryer oven is a barbecue, it does not need to be brushed with oil, and hot air is used instead of hot oil. (Oil-free air frying), a low-calorie diet is healthier.

Easy to clean

Due to the small capacity, and the bottom heating tube can be turned over, after grilling, if there is grease or sugar, wait for the machine to cool to a certain temperature, you can wipe it with kitchen paper or a rag, which is very fast, and then dry and ventilate. Just get up.

Suggestion: Don't wait for the oil to dry or not clean for a long time, it is likely to be stubborn, unsightly, and unsanitary, then you must choose a special cleaning agent to clean it.

If you prefer to eat fried food, from a health point of view, everyone prefers air-frying ovens, which can not only eat delicious food but also low-fat and taste very good. However, if there are more family members, more than 4-6 people, and there are rich dietary preferences, it is better to choose an oven, and there are many ingredients to cook, such as biscuits, cakes, and whole chickens can be easily competent. To purchase a Digital Oil Free Fryer, please contact us!