What Should I Pay Attention To When Choosing A Chef Machine?


A chef machine is a machine that uses mechanical power to drive high-speed rotation or vigorous rotation to make various dishes. The main function is to simplify the operation difficulty and shorten the time of some dishes. The commonly used functions are kneading dough, stirring, beating eggs, etc. With the further application of mechanical power, after adding different accessories, the chef machine can also complete the grinding of meat and making noodles. Wait for the cooking process. Using the strong mechanical power, the kitchen machine can minimize the manpower and time required for cooking, so as to free your hands!

What are the elements of the kitchen machine selection?

1. Your own budget

Before buying something, the most important thing is to look at your wallet to decide the budget, otherwise you will be like a headless fly. Look here, where to look, and decide which brand to buy after you decide your budget. Choose what kind of configuration is suitable, everyone wants the best, and the wallet must allow it. Generally, the price of kitchen machines ranges from several hundred to several thousand or even tens of thousands of yuan.

2. DC motor or AC motor

Generally, machines below 800w will be equipped with DC motors. The advantages of DC motors are large torque, good power, and low noise. The disadvantages are large size, high cost, high power, high noise, and low cost of AC motors. Generally, they are low-priced machines. Only use, low power is not the same as low efficiency, in terms of selection, we can directly choose the DC motor to get the machine.

3. Vertical motor or horizontal motor

The output efficiency of the horizontal motor will be higher than that of the vertical motor, but it will cause a lot of noise, the metal gears are easy to wear off black powder, and it is easy to overheat and stop, which is very disadvantageous in terms of production efficiency. Compared with the vertical motor, the structure is more scientific, the belt and the gear will cooperate better, the noise will be lower, and the black powder will not drop. Now the general domestic machine with a price of more than 2,000 yuan can achieve 24 hours without overheating and shutdown!

4. Machine and noodle bucket and capacity selection

At present, the mainstream kitchen machines generally have a capacity of 5L/6L/6.2/7L for mixing noodles. In terms of selection, you can choose the appropriate capacity according to your needs. Now some brands have ice buckets, such as Qiao Lide 7600 , which is very good for summer use, the dough is not easy to heat up, you can also choose to use an external ice pack to solve this problem.

5. Body material plastic or metal

The premise of everything is the budget, and the budget is enough to directly choose the metal material, which is more stable and more textured, and will not shake and dance during use. If you have no budget, you must choose the plastic material with a suction cup at the bottom, and it will be more stable.

6. Can the accessories be expanded or not?

If you just want to make western-style pastries, you don’t need to choose a machine with an expansion interface, because generally you need to pay for the expansion accessories yourself. If you still want to make Chinese-style pastries, you can choose a machine with an expansion interface. If you get a machine, those accessories can save you money on several machines!

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