Analysis Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Air Fryer


In the past two years, most people have reduced the number of eating out, and more families have chosen to eat at home. Air fryers have become a common appliance in many people's kitchens.

The main principle of the air fryer is: use hot air to replace the original hot oil to make the food cooked; at the same time, the hot air can also bring out the food grease, so that the ingredients can achieve a similar frying effect, the taste is the same as the fried taste, but Healthier! For friends who like to eat fried food, the air fryer is a good choice! Today, we will briefly analyze the advantages and disadvantages of air fryer.


1) Less oil and relatively healthy.

Compared with french fries, chicken wings, etc. that have been fried in oil, using an air fryer does not require frying with oil, and can also absorb the oil in the chicken wings, which is relatively healthier! And it also saves fuel, haha!

2) More secure

If you use an oil pan for frying, it is relatively dangerous. If you operate it carelessly, it is easy to burn yourself, and the air fryer is basically a sealed operation, which is relatively safe!

3) Simple and convenient operation.

In recent years, with the development of intelligent technology, more and more kitchen appliance operations are quite simplified and easy to understand. Some settings also support APP control, one-key operation, which is very convenient, and relatively saves time, without real-time observation.


1) The taste is slightly different from fried food.

Because it is completely oil-free cooking, French fries, chicken fillets, etc. made in an air fryer have a slightly different taste than those cooked in an oil pan, and may be a little dry, but overall, the taste is still the same. Good and acceptable.

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