Does Using An Air Fryer Produce Harmful Carcinogens?


The air fryer has become one of the "delicious and not fat" artifacts in many people's minds. Many families use the air fryer as a common cooking appliance. Because it not only has a delicate appearance, but more importantly, it is easy to operate and is loved by many cooking "handicapped parties"; in addition, the food produced is less oily and delicious, and it is also favored by many people who lose weight. French fries, baked egg tarts, toast, roasted whole chicken... It seems that the air fryer can do anything!

However, some experts said that the principle of the air fryer is to use rapidly circulating hot air to make the food cooked. If the heated food contains glucose, fructose, and other reducing sugars and proteins, it will produce a certain amount of "propylene" during the heating process. amides” and other harmful carcinogens. And at high temperatures, many nutrients in the food will be lost, such as vitamins A, D, E, and K, fat-soluble vitamins need to be combined with oil to be released, and long-term intake of too little edible oil is easy to cause unsaturated fatty acids. Insufficient intake can lead to a series of diseases. However, under this hot search, netizens from all sides are singing the opposite, and many people even moved the topic #Suggest ExpertsDon't suggest# back and forth. And the director of the Beijing Dietitian Association @ Dietitian Gu Zhongyi posted a blog saying: Disagree.

According to popular science, although acrylamide is a class 2A carcinogen and may cause human cancer, the detection of acrylamide in French fries is not a problem with the air fryer. Acrylic acid amine is one of the by-products of the Maillard reaction. When there are carbohydrates and amino acids in the food at the same time, after high-temperature cooking above 120℃ (including but not limited to frying, roasting, braising, and deep-frying), it will A Maillard reaction occurs. The aroma of roasted coffee and the caramel sweetness of roasted brown sugar is also the results of the Maillard reaction, and as long as there is a Maillard reaction, there may be acrylamide, and it can even be said that most of the caramelized delicious food is more or less. All contain acrylamide. The point is, how much acrylamide is in food, and how much is safe to consume? The "EU safety standards" mentioned in the hot search did not give a clear source and quantification. He also gave methods to reduce the intake of acrylamides: 1. When cooking at home, pay attention not to overheat the temperature and adjust the cooking method appropriately. For example, stir-frying is a cooking method that should be reduced. You can also blanch a little; 2. A balanced diet, with a variety of foods to reduce the intake of foods with high acrylamide content, and a balanced and diverse healthy diet can also reduce the risk of cancer; 3. When making bread, you can consider putting less food sugar to avoid a dark rind.

At the same time, some netizens talked about whether the air fryer is healthier. They pointed out that the air fryer is essentially a small oven with an air circulation system. The use of oil for frying can reduce oil intake. "Many high-quality air fryers can function as temperature control to reduce excessive temperature. From the perspective of using less oil and controlling temperature, in theory, air fryers will be healthier."

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