Four Mistakes To Avoid When Using An Air Fryer


Compared with traditional frying or ordinary ovens, the air fryer has both its own advantages and its own shortcomings. How to use it reasonably and cook delicious food with it depends on personal preferences and brainpower. In general, the air fryer is neither a cooking artifact nor an IQ tax, nor does it increase the risk of cancer when used properly. It is just another utensil in the kitchen that allows us to cook conveniently. Any product needs to be used properly. Today, I will talk to you about four mistakes to avoid when using an air fryer.

Mistake 1: Adding too much "oil"

Because it is a fryer, some friends also add a lot of oil when cooking ingredients in an air fryer. This practice actually violates the advantages and characteristics of the air fryer. When cooking food in the air fryer, you should not put too much oil in it. If you add too much oil, the excess oil will drip from the food into the tray. It is completely unnecessary to generate oil fumes during high temperature heating.

For some meat ingredients that contain oil, they can even be cooked directly without oil; for some vegetables, seafood and other ingredients that need to be oiled, you can add a small amount of oil or spray a little oil on the surface of the ingredients with a watering can. Further improve the taste.

Mistake 2: Using an oil with a low smoke point

Although the air fryer claims to be oil-free, in fact, when cooking some non-greasy ingredients, it is still necessary to drizzle a little oil, which can improve the taste of the cooking ingredients and prevent the ingredients from being scorched.

However, the choice of oil is also very particular. It is not that the more expensive the oil, the better. Some "extra virgin olive oil", although expensive, has a very low smoke point. When cooking in an air fryer, if Using this type of oil creates more smoke and is not good for healthy eating, and ingredients that lack the protection of the oil will dry out rather than become crispy. Oils that can be used when cooking ingredients in the air fryer include light olives Oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, etc. These vegetable oils have a high smoke point, and they will not produce oily smoke when used with the ingredients in the air fryer.

Mistake 3: Overfilling the Basket

Stuffing too much food in the basket of the air fryer is like putting too much clothes in the washing machine or dryer, which is actually not conducive to the even heating of the food. As mentioned above, the air fryer relies on high-speed circulating hot air to heat the cooking food. If it is too full of hot air and cannot flow evenly, the food will be heated unevenly, which will affect the cooking effect of the ingredients. With an air fryer, you should know the maximum fill line of the basket, or leave at least a quarter of the basket space.

Mistake 4: Baking light ingredients or adding dry seasonings

Some friends hope that the air fryer can cook light potato chips or vegetable chips, or when cooking with the air fryer, some light vegetables or vegetables are cut too small. Some friends also sprinkle some dry seasonings such as chili noodles and salt when cooking ingredients. The problem with these cooking methods is that the high-speed hot air will blow away the ingredients or ingredients directly, and may even get stuck on the heating element. cause burning.

The best way is to find a way to fix the light ingredients before cooking, and if you are adding seasonings, you can mix with oil and add or spray oil to help fix the seasoning.

Air fryer is a healthier cooking method than frying, but it is not a substitute for all other cooking methods. For a healthy diet, reasonable arrangement of meal structure, reasonable arrangement of cooking methods, and reducing high temperature cooking as much as possible To avoid some misunderstandings and use the air fryer scientifically and rationally, it can not only better ensure safety, but also reduce potential health hazards. good use.

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