How Air Fryer Works And How To Use It


The working principle of the air fryer is "high-speed air circulation technology", which generates hot air by heating the heat pipe inside the machine at a high temperature, and then blowing the high-temperature air into the pot with a fan to heat the food, so that the hot air circulates in the enclosed space, The food itself is used to fry the food so that the food is dehydrated, the surface becomes golden and crispy, and the frying effect is achieved. So, an air fryer is actually a simple oven with a fan.


How to properly operate an air fryer


1. For the air fryer used for the first time, it needs to be cleaned. Clean the fryer basket and remove any dust. No need to use dish soap, just wipe it with a damp cloth.


2. Lay the air fryer flat and put the frying basket smoothly.


3. Connect the power supply, pull out the frying pan, place the ingredients, and push it to the inside.


4. Set the time and you can start cooking the food. It should be noted that the cooking time of different ingredients is different, and the cooking time is selected according to the recipe. If you are cooking ingredients for the first time, you need to roughly calculate the time, and you will know the next time.


5. When the set time is up, a prompt will be issued. At this point, pull out the frying pan to see if it is cooked.


6. If the ingredients are not yet cooked, turn the ingredients over and bake the other side. Under normal circumstances, most of the ingredients can be baked on the front and the back, so that one side is cooked and the other side is not cooked. Especially with meat, it is not a problem to cook the front and back.


7. After baking, let it cool down. After cooling is complete, remove the basket and clean it. Finally, wipe the frying pan aside with a clean dry rag and you're done.


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