A Brief Introduction To The Chef Machine


In the modern kitchen, the chef machine is simply the right arm of the chefs, and it has an unshakable position for bakers. Among the large-scale equipment most commonly used by bakers, in addition to the oven, it should be the chef's machine. These two equipment complement each other and achieve the creative dream of generations of bakers.


In short, a kitchen machine is a machine that can help chefs complete various kitchen tasks. It has a variety of processing ingredients in one. Essentially, a chef's machine is a kind of mixer, and the ingredients are stirred through the rotation of the motor, so today I will give you a brief introduction to the mixer.


According to the placement direction of the mixing barrel, the mixer can be divided into a horizontal mixer and a vertical mixer. The mixing barrel of the horizontal mixer is placed horizontally and has a very large capacity. It can mix several kilograms of ingredients. It is outstanding in the commercial field of food production, but the horizontal mixer is not as powerful as the vertical mixer in kneading. Send food. The mixing barrel of a stand mixer is placed vertically. Stand mixers don’t have as much capacity as horizontal mixers, but they can precisely knead and whip ingredients, making them even better in baking.


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