How To Choose A Good Quality Air Fryer?


An air fryer is an electrical appliance that uses the principle of hot air circulation to fry food at high temperatures. The delicacies fried in the air fryer are crispy, low-fat and low-calorie, healthy, and delicious. So, how to choose a good quality air fryer? I have summarized a few purchase points for your reference:

1. Capacity

Air fryers generally have several capacities such as 3L and 8L. For small families with 3-5 people, it is recommended to choose more than 3L. The air fryer is a small electrical appliance that rotates at high speed. It uses high-temperature hot air generated during high-speed rotation to "cook" food. Generally, if you buy an air fryer at home, it is recommended to buy about 4L for a family of 3. Of course, there are also many people who need large-capacity air fryers. Here are some recommended ones with a capacity of about 8-10 liters.

2. Power

An air fryer has a lot of power and heats up quickly, but it takes a long time to cook. The power of the air fryer is generally around 200-1200w. Generally speaking, if you cook at home by yourself, you can just buy one with high power. If you want to take it out for travel, the power will be lower.

3. Liner material

The inner liner is the most important, it is best to choose a non-stick pan material. Stainless steel is easier to clean, and it is easier to clean without sticking to oil; aluminum, iron and other coated inner tanks will fade after a long time and are prone to scale and yellowing, which is not easy to clean.

4. Security protection measures

Air fryers are not like traditional electric fryers, safety is the most important thing. If the air fryer is frying, there is a leakage and so on. If there is an automatic power-off function, there will be no danger of electric shock. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to this point when purchasing

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