What Can A Chef Machine Do?


After I fell in love with baking, I bought more and more kitchen utensils, and I also took a lot of detours. I have also bought bread machines that look like steamed buns. In the end, as long as I fall in love with baking, I have to go to the kitchen machine. right way. Today, I will share the experience of using the chef machine. What can the chef machine do?

What can a kitchen machine do?

The core functions of the chef machine are mainly kneading, whipping, and stirring. Whether it is Chinese or Western noodles, fruit drinks, and desserts, they are all necessary, especially for Xiaobai who is new to baking. With the chef machine, you can let Us avoid many detours.

1. Knead the dough and make the bread out of the film

The first step is to knead the dough. We can see that the key step in various bread recipes is to release the glove film. The following is the actual situation of the glove film. When the dough is fully kneaded, a film like a surgical glove can be easily pulled out. This is the key to our soft and layered bread.

In the past, when there was no kitchen machine, I tried to use the bread machine to knead the dough alone. It took at least 30 minutes to reach this state, and if it was the automatic program of the bread machine, the glove film could not be produced at all. This is also a bread machine. One of the reasons why the bread is like steamed buns. This time, the kitchen kneading machine took only 15 minutes to produce the glove film, and there was no problem that the bread machine heated up the dough, and the bread machine was used for a long time to knead the dough to produce black oil.

Using a kitchen machine and a good recipe, you can make shredded bread with distinct layers with only one fermentation method. I will share the production process later.

2. Kneading noodles, Chinese pastry

Also in the production of Chinese pastry, using a chef's machine instead of traditional manual kneading is not only more labor-saving.

Even if you just add water and flour, using a chef's machine to knead the dough will make it easier to produce gluten, making the kneaded dough more refined, and without adding any additives, you can make dumpling skins comparable to Harbin dumplings. And how to judge that the noodles are kneaded enough? When pulling out the dough, a certain amount of strength is required, and it will not be easily broken. At the same time, after letting go, the dough still has a certain amount of retraction, which is just the right state.

3. Whipped cream, quickly whipped egg whites

Beating is the second most important function of the chef's machine. The following is the star-shaped track of the chef's machine. It can be seen that the huge egg beater can be fully sent to every position in the basin, which is completely incomparable with a portable egg beater. . At the same time, due to the strong power, we can also omit some steps in baking, such as egg white beating. Many recipes use a portable egg beater. The egg white must be frozen in the refrigerator for 10 minutes before it can be easily beaten, but it is not necessary to use a chef's machine. In this step, as long as the egg whites refrigerated at low temperature can be directly sent.

It only takes 3 minutes to beat the egg whites with a kitchen machine, which is much more convenient than carrying a hand-held egg beater for 7-8 minutes until the arms are sore. In the state of wet foaming, after the egg beater head is lifted, there is a slightly curved tip.

Similarly, using a chef's machine to whip whipped cream is also more efficient. Usually, we make desserts, and whipped cream is often used for decoration and decoration. Homemade desserts use animal cream, which is also healthier and more delicious than the commonly used margarine in the market. Using a chef's machine, you can make hard and stable whipped cream in 3 minutes.

4. Stir, dumpling stuffing

At the same time, not only western pastries but also Chinese pastries, the chef machine can also play a big role, such as mixing fillings. In the past, when making dumplings at home, only 2 chopsticks often caused uneven meat and vegetables. Using a chef's machine to stir a large number of fillings saves effort and can also achieve more thorough stirring.

Especially the operation of adding water. Why the dumplings in the Harbin dumpling shop are delicious is one of the main points. The rich juice is one of the main points. While stirring, add the soaked green onion and ginger water, so that the filling can incorporate more water and let the dumplings eat. It tastes more delicious.

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