Is The Air Fryer Really Nutritious And Healthy?


Air fryers are not so common for us, but many people are still very curious.

Is the air fryer really nutritious and healthy?

The government department of South Korea has conducted a test. Among the 10 types of air fryers sold in the Korean market, they are used improperly during cooking, and 4 of them will produce a carcinogen - acrylamide.

The researchers cooked frozen french fries in a fryer at a high temperature of over 200°C. Four fryers cooked french fries with acrylamide content exceeding the EU standard, or even more than twice.

The results of the study show that even without oil, these carbohydrates and starchy foods will produce acrylamide at high temperatures.

Acrylamide is found in many foods cooked at high temperatures, especially fried and baked foods. It's okay for adults, but it's still dangerous for children.

So what is the point of an air fryer?

The main purpose of the air fryer is to be oil-free, so the cooked food has a lower fat content, there is less oily smoke and odor, and it is easier to clean.

How to use the air fryer correctly?

As we said earlier, high temperatures will produce harmful substances, so you only need to control the temperature below 200°C and limit the time to 30 minutes to make the food healthier. The most important point is to choose a good brand and a fryer with national safety certification.

To sum up, the air fryer is indeed healthier than traditional frying. Although it is a hooligan to talk about toxins regardless of the dose, even if it does not cause cancer, it will be more or less harmful to our health. Prevention is responsible for our own health.

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