It Is Important To Control The Temperature And Time When Using The Air Fryer


Do Air Fryers Cause Cancer? Hello everyone, I am the editor. The air fryer has attracted the attention of many people because of its oil-free cooking, but the debate on the safety of the air fryer has never stopped. There are rumors that the acrylamide of French fries made by the air fryer exceeds the standard, and there is a risk of cancer. In fact, the air fryer is an oven with an air circulation system, and the aforementioned acrylamide, as long as there are carbohydrates and amino acids in the food at the same time, After cooking at a high temperature above 120 degrees Celsius, whether it is frying, roasting, or frying, Maillard reaction will appear. And as long as there is a whitening reaction, acrylamide may be formed, so whether it will cause cancer has nothing to do with the air fryer, but has something to do with our cooking methods.

When using the air fryer daily, you must pay attention to controlling the temperature and time.

On the premise of ensuring that the food is thoroughly heated and cooked, reduce the cooking temperature as much as possible and reduce the heating time, even if you sacrifice a little bit of burnt aroma and delicious ability, wouldn’t it be good for your health? Pay more attention to health knowledge.

Well, as an air fryer, in fact, many families will choose to buy one, and they may hope to use less oil to cook food. After frying, it is easy to produce a high-temperature trans fatty acid, and, for cardiovascular children, for the accumulation of fat, the effect is particularly poor, so there will be such as air tea pot food.

It can process the food into an ideal shape and obtain a relatively good taste through cooking without oil. I personally recommend it, but everyone should also pay attention. At this time, many people use the air fryer and French fries, Fried shrimp crackers, and use some this kinds of barbecue, you will find that these ingredients seem to be oil-free, and there is no shortage of oil in them, and, for this reason, they come out more delicious. So the material inside it is very sufficient, it has a relatively high color, and it also contains some corresponding saturated fatty acids, so in this sense, the bus fryer is not absolutely safe, we use it as a weight loss People, should still pay attention to every food they eat.

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