Not All Ingredients Can Be Put In The Air Fryer


Air fryers have become popular in modern kitchens in recent years, even more, popular than ovens, becoming the first choice for many people to buy new kitchen appliances! Compared with traditional frying, the "oil-free and low-fat" air fryer is healthier, making friends who like to eat fried food but worry about gaining weight can't stop.

At the same time, the air fryer operates better than an oven, requiring no preheating and heating up quickly. Open your phone and you can find all kinds of air fryer recipes at your fingertips. Even for a kitchen novice is very easy to operate.

The air fryer is already a very mature product, which brand of the air fryer is of good quality? Whether domestic or imported, pay attention to these 4 points and not to choose wrong: safety, functionality, appearance, and brand.

But no matter how good the air fryer is, it still needs to be used correctly. Some ingredients are not recommended to be placed in the air fryer.

1. Vegetables and fruits are not recommended to be put into the air fryer. Lu Meibao, the chief nutritionist of Lianxin International Medical and Lianxin Nutrition in Taiwan, pointed out that when vegetables and fruits are cooked at high temperatures, the nutrients will be destroyed, and it is difficult to absorb the nutrients needed by the human body from vegetables and fruits.

2. Pre-prepared processed foods (semi-finished foods) are also not suitable for cooking in an air fryer. Because processed food itself has many additives, it will produce carcinogens after high temperatures. Lv Meibao said: "Many people will put frozen French fries and frozen chicken nuggets into air frying, but in fact, these processed foods have already been fried, and air frying is equivalent to cooking at two degrees of high temperature. It is recommended to choose original and fresh ingredients, and Try to use the fat of the meat itself, and don't add extra oil."

When using the air fryer daily, you must pay attention to controlling the temperature and time.

On the premise of ensuring that the food is thoroughly heated and cooked, the cooking temperature should be reduced as much as possible, and the heating time should be reduced, even at the expense of a little scorching deliciousness.

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