Which Is Better, Air Fryer Or Electric Baking Pan?



This issue will make a small comparison of two kitchen appliances, one is an air fryer and the other is an electric baking pan. Let's have a look!

1. Air fryer
For specific information on the air fryer, please see the content of the previous issues, and I will not talk about it in this issue. The air fryer has an extra fan than the ordinary oven. The fan blows the heat of the heating pipe onto the food and uses the circulating hot air to separate the fat of the food so that the food tastes close to fried.

Its advantages are:

1. Easy to operate, put in the ingredients to adjust the temperature and wait for the food

2. The taste is close to fried, but it is made without oil or slight oil, which is suitable for the needs of today's diet with less oil

3. Easy to clean, because there is less oil and the frying basket is detachable, cleaning is very convenient.

The air fryer is very suitable for users who like fried food. It can satisfy the appetite, and it is healthier than fried food. It is simple to operate and easy to clean.

Of course, the air fryer also has shortcomings, that is, the capacity is very small, the mainstream is 2-4 liters, and a few 6-8 liters, which cannot make a lot of food at a time.

2. Electric baking pan

Electric baking pans, also known as scones, can be heated on one or both sides.

The electric baking pan can be used to bake flatbreads, make pies, and sometimes bake steamed buns, sweet potatoes, and roast meat. Generally speaking, it is very practical for people who like to eat pasta.

The electric baking pan is practical and easy to operate. The problem is that it is difficult to clean. The removable chassis may leak oil, and the non-removable chassis is inconvenient to clean.

When using the electric baking pan, I found that the electric baking pan must use oil to make food, especially when roasting meat, it will cause oil stars to splash everywhere, bringing cleanliness to the surrounding environment and the electric baking pan itself. the problem, and it also produces fumes.

Also, although the base plate of the electric baking pan is said to be made of non-stick paint, after a long time of use, there will still be scorch marks in the circle close to the heating tube, which cannot be removed by many methods.

When the electric baking pan is in use, the whole machine is very hot. If you accidentally touch it, you will be scalded, and the chassis is too shallow to be used for other purposes. The temperature of the air fryer is not high when in use, and it can be easily moved. Our family has now put the electric baking pan on the shelf, and the air fryer is often used. Of course, this may also be related to eating habits.

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