Six Key Points For Buying An Air Fryer


An air fryer is a machine that can use air to "fry". The air fryer is to place the food in a small closed space, use air as the heat transfer medium, heat the air in the space, and then use a fan to accelerate the flow of the gas, take away the water vapor, and form a circulating hot air. Convection way to "air fry" food. In the fryer environment, the food is blown by high-speed hot air of about 100 degrees Celsius. The circulating air flow can make the surface of the food crispy but the center will not dry out.

Air fryer selection points

1. Look at the capacity
Most of the air fryers on the market have a capacity of 2L-5L, and some have a large capacity of 8L;
Generally, about 2 people can choose 3L, and more than 4 people can choose 5L.

2. Look at the cooking ability
The ability to cook is a core element of an air fryer that is sadly not mentioned in most articles. An air fryer with good cooking ability should have three characteristics: fast heating, precise temperature control, and uniform heating.

Fast heating means less time for cooking cooked food. The more powerful the fryer, the faster it will heat up. Precise temperature control, the air fryer can control the temperature by itself, we can make delicious food according to the recipe, fool-like operation. Correspondingly, the oven needs artificial temperature control, and it is easy to fail if you are not careful.
The heating is even, which can ensure the taste of the food, that is, it will not be raw and cooked at the same time. Small ovens do not have hot air function, so the taste is not as good as air fryers, while large ovens have hot air circulation, but the price is very high.

3. Heating method
The air fryer has three heating methods: spiral ℃ hot air circulation, ℃ hot air circulation, and up and down hot air circulation. It can also be seen from the literal meaning that the pot with spiral ℃ hot air circulation is more evenly heated, and the price is also the highest. ℃ The hot air circulation is next, and the upper and lower hot air circulation heating is the worst. It is not as uniform as the first two. Of course, the price is the cheapest. Of course, if you have a limited budget, don’t worry about this point. No matter which heating method, it’s no problem to cook it, and the difference is more in the taste.

4. Control panel
The air fryer panel has two control methods: computer control (LCD touch type), mechanical control (knob type). The liquid crystal touch temperature control is more accurate, suitable for food with strict temperature requirements, such as egg tarts.

Is the knob type worth buying?
For 70% of foods, the knob operation does not affect the taste at all. And it's cheaper than LCD touchscreens.
90% of fryers within 100 yuan are knob-type. For fryers worth more than 100 yuan, LCD touch screens are gradually increasing, and there are more options to choose from. Therefore, buy more LCDs if you have a budget, and buy knobs if you have a limited budget.

5. Easy to clean
When the air fryer is cooking, the food is placed in the frying basket, and the fat in the food is forced out during the cooking process. Therefore, the frying basket must be detachable, and the material is food-grade material, preferably with a non-stick coating, so that it is best to clean. Or put a piece of tin foil on the bottom of the frying basket, which is also very convenient for cleaning.

6. Thermal insulation performance
The temperature of the air fryer is very high when it is working. If the heat insulation is not done well, it is easy to burn people.
Some fryers have transparent windows. Although it is convenient to observe the state of food, this design also makes it poor in heat insulation.

Writing so many parameters is nothing more than to let everyone know what they want when choosing a fryer, and learn how to choose by themselves so that they will not be cheated!

Finally, to summarize:
A good air fryer should have the following characteristics:
Appropriate capacity + fast heating (high power) + precise temperature control (LCD touch) + spiral ℃ hot air circulation + no coating + no transparent window (good heat insulation)

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