Analysis on the development prospects of the air fryer industry in 2020


As the generations born in the 80s and 90s gradually become the main responsibilities of the family, the lifestyle has changed significantly, and convenient small household appliances have become the new favorite.

Currently, my country produces relatively many air fryer brands. The top ten air fryer brands include Philips, Joyoung, Liren, Supor, Midea, Lock&Lock, Rongshida Small Appliances, Haier, Delong and Chuangdi.

The production volume of air fryer has grown from 640,000 units in 2014 to 6.25 million units in 2018, an increase of 28.8% over the previous year; demand has grown from 300,000 units in 2014 to more than 1.8 million units in 2018. An increase of 50.0% over the previous year; the market scale has grown from 150 million yuan in 2014 to over 750 million yuan in 2018, an increase of 53.0% over the previous year.

According to data, the sales of Korean air fryer reached 287,000 units last year alone, which can be regarded as a must-have small appliance for the family. There are many types of air fryer brands. It is worth mentioning that Biyi, known as the family of fryer fryers, began to develop and produce air fryer by itself in 2015. Biyi air fryer quickly occupied the Southeast Asian markets such as Japan and South Korea. .

As of 2018, China's air fryer production was 6.2 million units, a year-on-year increase of 29.2%. The demand for air fryer in China was 1.82 million units, a year-on-year increase of 51.7%.

Air fryer The overall development of the industry is stable, and the product structure of the product market remains basically stable. In addition, as the Chinese gradually accept oil-free and less-oil healthy cooking methods, more people are attracted to join the cooking through the convenient operation mode, enjoying the fun of cooking and sharing the happiness of food with relatives and friends. Relying on high-quality products and healthy cooking concepts, the air fryer is bound to become the main force of the kitchen appliances in the future.

However, since air fryer has only become popular in recent years, a sufficiently healthy and complete industry system has not yet been formed; although there are many companies involved, no real leading brand has emerged; at the same time, the industry standard for air fryer is also Not yet sound.

In general, air fryer, as a small kitchen appliance, if you want to move from a niche to a mass market and truly gain a foothold in the kitchen appliance market, it also requires the joint efforts of the industry and the enterprise, whether it is from product technology research and innovation, and enterprise diversified marketing. There is still a longer way to go in terms of industry quality supervision and standard setting.

An air fryer is a machine that can use air to "fry". It mainly uses air to replace the hot oil in the original frying pan and heats food with convection similar to solar hot air. The hot air is formed in a closed pan The rapid circulation of heat makes the food cooked; at the same time, the hot air also blows away the moisture on the surface of the food, so that the ingredients have an effect similar to frying. At present, there are many varieties of air fryer on the market in my country, and the market is developing rapidly. How will the air fryer industry develop in the future? For more detailed analysis, please pay attention to the " 2019-2025 air energy fryer market development prospect analysis and supply and demand pattern research forecast report ".