An Air Fryer Or An Oven Which Would You Choose?


In recent years, air fryers are definitely the most popular of the small kitchen appliances, almost comparable to small ovens. Major brands promote air fryers to attract beauty-loving consumers with "nutritious health" and "less oil and low fat". But at the same time, there have been rumors that the air fryer is not so efficient. Let us make an assumption. If you can only choose one small appliance, would you choose an air fryer or a mini oven?


Advantages of Air Fryers


1. The volume is small, generally, 2~4 liters, which is enough for one person or two people. Mini ovens generally have a capacity of 10 liters, and households also have a capacity of 25 to 45 liters.


2. Short preheating time, energy-saving and fast. Since the air fryer has a much smaller volume than an oven, the preheating time is also shorter than a mini oven. The air fryer uses less electricity and takes less time to heat the same amount of food.


3, less oil or even no oil. The air fryer has one more fan than the ordinary oven, which can blow the heat of the heating device to the food. The circulating hot air can not only cook the food but also separate the excess grease from the food. less reason. If it is meat that has oil itself, you don't need to put oil.


Advantages of the oven


1. Wide temperature control range and complete functions. The biggest advantage of the oven is that it can make a lot of food, with functions such as defrosting, fermentation, drying, etc. Even the most common mini oven can be used to bake desserts or roast meats. Even the keep warm function of the oven is much better than the air fryer.


2. The oven with a larger volume can cope with the barbecue of many people. If you are a person who likes cooking and likes to make all kinds of small snacks, or has more family members and friends, and wants to share the joy of food with everyone, then it is better to choose an oven.


3. Baked more delicious. In terms of taste, the food baked in the oven will be more fragrant than the food baked in the air fryer, and the fundamental reason is the grease. The oven completely retains the fat of the ingredients, especially the meat, which makes the meat taste meatier, while the air fryer forces out the fat in the meat and the aroma cannot be compared with the taste of the oven-roasted.


Seeing this, do you think that both the air fryer and the oven are not bad? It feels even harder to choose! In fact, don't worry, think about your usual eating habits, and you can choose the most suitable utensils for you.


If you are a baking enthusiast, or you are about to enter the field of baking, you have requirements for cooking, and you want to use one thing for multiple purposes, or even want to make a lot of food at one time, just choose the oven and choose the size you are satisfied with.


If you just want to enjoy the deliciousness of fried or grilled food, but worry about eating too much or getting fat, or feel that you have no patience to wait for the food to cook, then buy an air fryer, this pot will satisfy your demand.


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