Can Air Fryers Cause Cancer?


The principle of the air fryer is high-speed air circulation technology. Through the baking device, the air in the pot becomes a rapid circulating heat flow, so that the food is dehydrated, the surface becomes golden and crispy, and the frying effect is achieved. In short, a simple oven with a fan.


Its cooking process consumes less oil. Foods that have oil themselves, such as meat, seafood, and french fries, do not need to be refueled. And if the food itself does not contain oil, such as vegetables, adding a small spoon of oil can make the taste of traditional frying.


It has been reported before that French fries made in air fryers contain excessive acrylamide and are at risk of cancer. is that true? But in fact, the excessive acrylamide cannot be blamed on the air fryer.


Acrylamide is a class 2A carcinogen as assessed by the International Institute for Cancer Research. The French fries mentioned in the above report are themselves one of the foods with the highest acrylamide content.


The reason why the air fryer is involved is the way it is cooked: high heat.


When there are carbohydrates and amino acids in the food, after high-temperature cooking, the Maillard reaction will occur, making the food attractive in color and full of aroma. Acrylamide is present in most savory and delicious foods, and it cannot be completely avoided.


Every day we can cook with less oil and low temperature, and a balanced combination of meat and vegetables to help reduce the production and intake of acrylamide.


See here, you should understand. Even if you don't use an air fryer, if you use ordinary pots to fry, fry, braise, roast, etc. at high temperature, acrylamide may appear.


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